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Integrated DHIS2 based system for TB, HIV and Malaria programs of Pakistan

The project is aimed at developing and implementing a DHIS2 based integrated information system for TB, HIV and Malaria programs of Pakistan. This included developing the capacity of the local team to develop, manage and conduct training related to the system. This is a collaborative project between HiSP Sri Lanka, University of Oslo, GFATM and Ministry of Health Pakistan.

The project was initiated in December 2017. A core team was identified from Pakistan to support the implementation. An aggregate information management system for TB was built using DHIS2 and the core team was trained on handling the system as well as on end user training. The existing information system for malaria was upgraded and was integrated to the system. Aggregate information from the existing MIS of HIV was pushed into the integrated system via API to generate the standard dashboards.

Consultants from HiSP Sri Lanka were involved in developing the system, training of the core team and developing training material. The WHO standard packages were used to develop the system. The development and training phases have been successfully completed and is being implemented currently.


National HMIS of Libya

HISP Sri Lanka thrives at collaborating and working in partnership with regional HISP nodes. Setting up the national HMIS of Libya is a classic example of partnership between HISP nodes. Consultants from HISP Sri Lanka were involved in requirement identification and feasibility analysis state of setting up HIMS of Libya. HISP Sri Lanka team visited Libya and engaged as residential consultants in completing the above mentioned phase of setting up HMIS which is a project undertook by HISP India.


Malaria Information System of Timor-Leste

HISP Sri Lanka was involved with setting up Malaria Information System of Timor-Leste. Timor-Leste is a country in elimination phase of Malaria which required a complex system of close and in-depth monitoring of reported cases and foci. This was achieved by customization of tracker module of DHIS2.


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